YNHSC Waiting List

York Coop Housing Waiting List

Starting in April 2022, YNHSC will be expanding to regions where multi-tenant (rooming) houses are not permitted, including North York, East York, and Scarborough, and will be accepting applications from landlords interested in converting their properties to leased housing cooperatives. To learn how to convert your property into a leased-housing cooperative, contact YNHSC Program Director Nathi Zamisa at nathi@yorkcoop.org.

We are aiming to acquire 10 houses for our cooperative by the and of Sep. 2022

The YNHSC "Waiting List" is our way of saving you - students & young adults - a spot in line for safe, clean affordable housing near York University. When a place is available, we'll send you an e-mail right away, and we'll keep you posted on events happening in other cooperatives in the area!

Think: Tree Planting, Gardening, Cooking/Baking Classes, Community Bike Rides, Brewing, Movie Nights - community-building activities - and more!

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