What is YNHSC?

A Simple Dream...

The York Non-Profit Housing Society Co-operative is an initiative launched by the York Village Housing Association in 2021 to bring safe, clean, affordable and community-oriented housing to young adults in York University Heights and/or Black Creek community...

Our mission is to empower students and young adults by (1) collectivizing their voices and lived experiences living in Toronto, and (2) equipping them with tools and knowledge they need to advocate for themselves in public/political spaces (i.e. depositions, consultations)...

People-Oriented Mission...

Cooperative & Inclusive Vision...

We want to foster safer, more secure, and more inclusive housing for everyone, and our goal is to start by educating, empowering, and enacting positive and substantive change in our community (Black Creek & York University Heights)...

Our goal is to help foster positive and meaningful relationships in communities surrounding higher education institutions, while establishing cooperatives to preserve safe, clean, and affordable housing for students and young adults....

Towards a Common Goal!

Meet the Team

Nathi Zamisa

Program Director

Claudia Redondo

Director of Policy and Executive Assistant

Jared Levinson

Director of Communication and Outreach

Contact Details

General Inquiries


74 York Boulevard, Kaneff Towers, Suite 735,

Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3

Media Inquiries

Media: jared@yorkcoop.org

Policy: claudia@yorkcoop.org

Development: nathi@yorkcoop.org